Brandon Hall Group’s Enterprise Excellence Program recognizes the best HCM programs that transform their organization and achieves breakthrough results.

This designation is a step above the HCM Excellence Awards which focuses on one program within a company. Enterprise Excellence is a hybrid of award winners who are also members. Through membership, Brandon Hall Group is able to deep dive into the HCM programs during monthly meetings and quarterly strategy briefings.

Our program uniquely places your organization’s accomplishments with an unmatched level of credibility based on BHG’s quarter of a century experience in recognizing excellence in organizations from around the world.


World-class membership to ensure your organization remains an industry leader in HCM practices (see membership information.)

Featured guest on our industry leading HCMx radio show and creating a steady news flow on critical updates with your company to our community through blogs.

Regular business briefings with your team to make sure that we are providing the most up to date content available to our community on your company.

BHG also will position you as a center of excellence with our corporate community through a special designation attributable to your profile in our member center for our member community.

We will help you to construct a press release that will be sent out to our community and yours announcing your designation, complete with a certification badge.