Employers must do for their workforces what people have managed to do for themselves in everyday life. In daily pursuits outside of work, everything merges together; you multi-task, and technology drives everything you do — how you shop, order meals, travel, manage money, stay in touch with friends and family, and learn.

Employees want the same type of integrated and fluid experiences at work as they have outside it. Clearly, organizations are trying to change, but so far most are doing it by thinking and behaving the same way they have for years, even decades. 

Our intent through this book is to embrace the future and provide insights into what excellence will look like in the years ahead. We envision HCM as the catalyst to drive future business success. But to do so, HR leaders and strategists must shed misguided paradigms and embrace the future with the agility, resilience and creativity that leads to excellence.

Human capital management must deliver business impact everywhere in an organization. HR strategists must bust through traditional silos and operate with the seamless fluidity of a symphony orchestra to enable all stakeholders to excel in the fourth industrial revolution.

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