Where Are All The Women Mentors?
Friday, June 16th | 1:45-3:00pm

Recent Brandon Hall Group research found that 40% of women cite lack of role models as a factor in their growth. Most women, if asked, tend to cite male mentorship as more favorable over female mentorship. Why aren't more women finding opportunities to learn from other women - in their own organization? In this panel session, a group of leaders from various industries will discuss their mentorship experiences, and what can be done to advance female mentorship in the workplace.
Topics of discussion will include:

  • Attributes of great mentors
  • Breaking down barriers that inhibit women from developing stronger relationships with other women in the workplace
  • Developing your personal network and how to best leverage it to your advantage
  • Unique attributes of women-led mentorship programs
  • How all women, regardless of age, rank or position within an organization, can learn to lead other women.


   Rachael Bourque, Director, Corporate Employability at Pearson North America

   Susan Long, Vice President of Learning Solutions at United Healthcare

   Lisa Cannata, Director of Organizational Readiness at Adventist Health System

   Kim Jones, Senior Director, Learning and Development at Hunter Douglas

   Kara Wilson, VP Human Resources at Bloomin' Brands

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