Multi-Cultural Differences
Friday, June 16 | 9:15-10:15am

US Dept of Labor data shows that while women of color represent one-third of the female workforce, they are five times less likely to hold senior positions and six times less likely to hold board seats.  Do the programs we create to address the advancement of women truly encompass the experiences of Asian, Black, and Hispanic women?  Join this session for a lively discussion with women who are taking practical steps at their own companies to ensure that women’s programs advance all women.
Discussion will include how:


  • Ethnicity differences complicate and change our gender challenges
  • We should address the double bind faced by multicultural women
  • White women can be allies for women of color
  • Companies like Dell, Bank of America, Manpower, and Accenture are raising the bar


   Bonnie St. John, F500 Business Consultant at Blue Circle Leadership


   Radhika Paul, Vice President and Principal at Manpower Group - Right Management

   Namrata Yadav, SVP, Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Bank of America

   Rebecca Shoher, Senior Director of Education Services at Dell

   Carolina Fonseca, Global Inclusion and Diversity, Human Capital and Diversity Women's Program Lead at Accenture

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