Leading with Authenticity
Thursday, June 15 | 9:30-11:00am


Introduction and Welcome Address (9:30-9:45am):

   Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer at Brandon Hall Group

Keynote (9:45-10:05am):

   Jenny Dearborn, SVP and CLO at SAP
Photo credit: Drew Altizer

“What an insult!” That was Jenny Dearborn’s reaction the first time an employee told her she was an authentic leader.  She interpreted the comment to mean she was unpolished, too accessible, even spineless.
Although today the Chief Learning Officer at SAP has a clearer understanding of authentic leadership, her early dilemma reflects the ongoing uncertainty about this topic. “Authentic Leadership” sounds good at first blush – something every manager would naturally aspire to practice. But researchers and subject matter experts remain divided about what it is, how to achieve it and whether it provides significant impact. Proponents claim it includes a sense of transparency and self-awareness, a desire to constantly grow and take on new challenges, and a deep commitment to one’s values. They add that such a leadership style inspires teams, engenders deep loyalty, and improves individual and team performance. Skeptics believe it is an excuse for being locked into a rigid view of one’s leadership, for being insensitive, even unwilling to adapt one’s style to different situations.
In this keynote, you will learn about Jenny’s journey to authentic leadership, and gain actionable strategies about how you can create an effective leadership style that’s authentically yours.
Jenny Dearborn is the Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at SAP, accountable to drive measurable business impact by designing, aligning and ensuring execution of SAP’s overall learning activities for the company’s 85,000+ employees globally.

Panel (10:05-11:00am):

   Nellie Borrero, Global Inclusion and Diversity Managing Director at Accenture

   Mia Mends, Chief Executive Officer at Inspirus & Sodexo, Benefits and Rewards Services, USA

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