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Award Winners Forum



Using Psychological Assessment
to Uncover Your Safety ‘Blind Spots’


Rachel Matt_OConnell

Rachel Cooke
Chief Operating Officer

Matt O'Connell, PhD
EVP & Co-Founder

Monday, January 28, 2013 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT

Award Winner Virtual Forum!

What if you could learn something new about yourself that puts you at risk every single day, no matter where you are?  As an employer, what if your employees could know the one unique ‘blind spot’ that doubles their exposure to injury on the job?  That is what this session is all about.

Join Rachel Cooke, COO at Brandon Hall Group, and Matt O’Connell, PH.D., EVP & Co-Founder of Select International, as they talk about how assessments can be used for both selection and individual development to facilitate an understanding of the personal factors that contribute to unsafe behavior.  

Expected Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the key psychological factors that are most predictive of personal safety outcomes.
  • Gain a basic understanding of how these factors can be measured using the SafetyMirror® assessment.
  • Identify the types of at-risk behaviors associated with each of these psychological factors.
  • Learn a structured, best-practice approach for giving individuals feedback on their personal safety “blind spots.”
Select International & Ellegro Learning Solutions received a Bronze Medal in Best in Competencies and Skills Development in the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

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