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2010 Gold Winner - Best Use of Performance Support

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In 2010, Genetech redesigned their manager’s training program through development of the New Manager Roadmap program. Their old training system for managers was unreliable with outdated content, limited focus, difficulties with access to content, scheduling, visibility, networking and engagement, but has now been transformed into a comprehensive website addressing each of these challenges with a three-pronged approach: Develop, Connect and Track. Feedback  garnered from project stakeholders, business line managers, and project reviewers, indicate that the high level of engagement through game-like activities, along with the improved accessibility of the content and new social networking benefits make the New Manager Roadmap a highly successful program from the learner perspective. And, not only are learners engaged throughout, but the program offers cost savings through lower start-up and development costs, annual maintenance costs, and a reduction in the cost of formal  learning for managers.  Read more about this case study from the 2010 Brandon Hall  Excellence Awards.

Road Map

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