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The Brandon Hall Group and Xyleme Present

XylemeLet’s Get Mobile: Changing your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery

Stacey Mark Hellinger
Stacey Harris
VP of Research
 Brandon Hall Group

Mark Hellinger

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Have We know that by 2015 over 7.1 billion mobile connected devises are predicted to be in service around the globe, and they estimate over 287 million tablets will ship annually. With the launch of Kindle, Fire at $199 – Tablets are now feasible replacements for printing costs. We are at the tipping point, and mobile delivery is here to stay.

Many organizations have dabbled with mobile learning, but they haven’t figured out how to take it to an enterprise level. The feedback has been less than positive on simply turning e-learning courses into mobile courses and end-users are requiring that learning organizations speed up the process of delivering better, faster, more relevant mobile content that meets the needs of their on-the-go lifestyle.  

You know that you shouldn’t be asking “if” you need mobile learning, but rather “how” do I best invest resources in mobile learning? Because mobile learning changes all the rules and your learning customers have high expectations. Mobile is a consumer driven market, and learners are not just critical of your approach but vocal if it doesn’t meet their expectations.  

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group, and Mark Hellinger, CEO of Xyleme, as they share recent findings from the Relationship Centered learning market and best practices in expanding your mobile learning efforts. If you’ve been planning on going mobile or have already taken your first steps, this webinar will change your view of the options.  

Key take aways include:

  • Key differences on Tablet vs. Phone Mobile Delivery and its implications for mobile content development
  • Insights on why content management is essential for mobile development.
  • Understanding of the implications of social learning on your mobile strategy
  • Case studies exploring successful moves to mobile learning and their best practices for getting there
  • Access in real life, a mobile location to download Brandon Hall’s newest paper on “Mobile Learning, The Tipping Point.” change