What Does It Mean to be Inclusive? Global Implications for ROI
Thursday, May 2 | 3:00-4:00pm

The definition of inclusion depends on who you talk to. That creates challenges for organizations attempting to build an inclusive culture in the face of a diverse, multi-generational workforce, unconscious bias and a divided society. Inclusion means everyone — all women and men of different races, religions, sexual orientations and political views – believes they are valued for their contributions to the organization. It is a daunting task, but we help you create a roadmap for championing inclusion in your organization.
Take-aways include:

  • Leading practices and insights from research, with case studies and expert analysis.
  • Real-life experiences and observations in small-group discussions with colleagues and report-outs.


Jodi Detjen
Co-founder and Principal
Orange Grove Consulting



Radhika Paul
Global Director Professional Development and Diversity
Latham & Watkins


Kevin Metsers
Learning & Development Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Carin Van Vuuren

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