Welcome Address: The Future of Women In Leadership
Thursday, May 2 | 9:15-10:00am

About 80% of employers see themselves as diverse and inclusive, according to Brandon Hall Group research, at the same time that only 14% of organizations have a woman as CEO and only 6% of organizations have an even split of men and women represented in the C-suite. 

It’s well-established that women in corporate executive leadership is good for business. Research shows that corporations that meet or exceed 30% female executives saw a 35% increase in profitability. Companies with the most women sitting on their boards of directors had a 16% higher return on sales than those with the least.

Organizations that don’t advance more women into senior leadership fail to:
Live the values of diversity and inclusion that they claim to embrace.
Meet their obligations to shareholders, employees, and customers to improve business performance.

Why do organizations struggle to advance women leaders and how can they disrupt the status quo to reach gender equality in senior leadership?
Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group, shares her vision for the future of women in corporate leadership and specific strategies to make progress, based on Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 research on women in leadership and diversity and inclusion. 

Take-aways include:

  • The current state of women in leadership and how it contrasts with how organizations value diversity and inclusion.
  • How to create meaningful change in your organizations.
  • How external networks can fuel your personal and professional journey.


Rachel Cooke

Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst
Brandon Hall Group


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