How to Advance Women In Technology Leadership
Thursday, May 2 | 1:45-2:45pm

Advancing gender equity in technology leadership is a complex endeavor with many possible solutions and potential pitfalls.  Almost all organizations have women working in technical roles. However, a daunting 70% of them have women employed in less than one-quarter of their technical jobs, according to Brandon Hall Group’s Women in Technology Leadership Study. Many organizations are frustrated that their technology leadership doesn’t reflect the diversity of their customers.  Research has shown that the culture in tech environments make it extremely hard for women to advance.
Brandon Hall Group and Blue Circle Leadership spent more than a year conducting qualitative and quantitative research to help you clarify the context, communicate the business case and engage others to make bold changes to advance women in technology leadership. The session will provide practical and actionable insight from our research and executives.

Take-aways include:

  • Effective strategies to support and empower women in the workplace.
  • New ideas to push the needle.
  • Business Builder Template from our Toolkit.


Bonnie St. John

Chief Executive Officer and F500 Business Consultant
Blue Circle Leadership



Denise Reed Lamoreaux
Global Chief Diversity Officer


Jennifer Scandariato
Executive Director, Application Development 


Camila Casale

Chief Marketing Officer
Claro Enterprise Solutions


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