Current State of Leadership and Women Helping Women Lead
Thursday, June 7 | 9:15-10:00am

It’s common knowledge that men outnumber women in top leadership roles and on boards. According to a Gender Diversity study by Fenwick, women occupy only 11% of executive positions in Silicon valley. What’s interesting, is that in order to change this, many companies are focused on developing leadership skills in women that don’t come as naturally to them, including being assertive, direct, and exuding confidence. This approach is intended to help fit women into leadership profiles based on outdated research on a male-dominated leadership style. It’s time to change this reinforcing cycle.  

Imagine a business world where there is a common ground for both men and women to grow through the ranks of leadership. A world where women and men are invested in to develop and bring their best strengths to work. Instead of women having to change and develop male-oriented behaviors, they are recognized and empowered for their natural talents to flourish.  

How do we level the playing field? By women helping other women. By women seeing it as their obligation to grow future women leaders, we will collectively change this difficult and challenging pattern.

Rachel Ernst
Director, Employee Success


Rachel Cooke

Chief Operating Officer
Brandon Hall Group



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