Effectively Leading Different Generations in the Workforce
Wednesday, June 6 | 3:15-4:15pm

Leading a workforce of Boomers, and Gens X, Y, and Z sounds like a daunting task. But should it be? When you look at the unique needs and expectations how do you ensure that you are meeting everyone's needs?  While there are differences, both small and large, between generational groups and genders, there are also many commonalities.  For example, employees across generations – not just the digital natives – now expect instant access to everything, just like they have in their private lives. All generations also want a great employee experience. As Brandon Hall Group research shows, that may look slightly different to a Millennial than a Boomer, but the gaps are not enormous. So perhaps engaging multiple generations is not as difficult as it is often depicted.  However, it is essential to be aware of the differences and understand how to address them to recruit, engage, develop and retain talented women.  Join us as our panelists discuss the art and science of successfully leading the most diverse employee base in history.


Daria Friedman

Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst
Brandon Hall Group



Namrata Yadav

Senior Vice President, Head of Inclusion Strategy and Diversity & Inclusion Learning
Bank of America


Anna Matuszewska, Ph.D.

VP of Talent Management 


Rasheedah Dunston, Ph.D, MBA

Director of Global Application Maintenance and Support

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