Managing the Increasingly Mobile Global Workforce
Thursday, June 7 | 3:00-4:00pm

The world is more globally connected than ever, and global mobility has become increasingly sophisticated and digital. The mobile workforce is expected to represent 42% of the global workforce by 2020. This panel will address how female executives will address critical changes brought about by expanded mobility:

  • The leadership cliff – addressing the readiness gap that exists for many new people managers and organizational leaders when they take on new roles.
  • Cultural consistency – how to maintain a strong culture when creating new teams in new locations.
  • Mobility as a “benefit” to recruit and retain your talent.
  • Diverse teams are your new competitive weapon. How can mobility help in creating that competitive advantage?
  • 56% of ex-patriots are women, with 33% being under 35. How do we create compelling opportunities for growth, learning and experience?


Daria Friedman

Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst
Brandon Hall Group



Julie Knight-Ludvigson

Chief Marketing Officer

Rachael Bourque
Director, Corporate Employability
Pearson North America


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