Building a Winning Mindset: It’s All in Your Head
Thursday, June 7 | 4:15-5:00pm

We are addicted to being busy.  And not just the run-of-the-mill, “I have no time” busy. We’re talking crazy-busy, like, “Let me check my phone for the 1,000th time this hour” busy.  This race is unlike any other we’ve run: even the finish line is moving. But it’s not the pace that’s killing us: it’s our inability to be resilient and train our minds to deal with stress, especially emotional stress.  Join Dr. Kelly Baez, PhD psychologist, change expert, and professional wellness coach, as she demonstrates how to cancel out the noise, focus, and crush your goals by adopting techniques to care not only for your emotional wellness, but your physical health, too.  You will leave with strategies you can use immediately in the face of non-stop stress so that you can perform at a higher level at work and home.


Kelly Morrow-Baez

Corporate trainer, professional coach, author and Licensed Professional Counselor


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