Guiding Your Organization on a Journey to Inclusion
Thursday, June 7 | 10:15-11:15am

When asked, most people agree that gender discrimination in the workplace is wrong. Then why is it still happening? One answer is that many people harbor unconscious biases that can affect their judgment. Uncovering these unconscious, or implicit, biases can be the first step toward eliminating them. But that is easier said than done. To do so, organizations must create an inclusive environment were a variety of stakeholders can make contributions to create awareness and positive change related to gender equity (among other issues). Our panel will discuss strategies of inclusion, including how organizations can curb implicit bias that often hampers women from moving into top leadership roles.


Carolina Cardoso

Global Inclusion and Diversity



Cristina Schneider

HR Development & Engagement Manager
INTERSPORT International Corporation


Steve Rudderham

Vice President
Global Business Services Lead
The Kellogg Company


Radhika Paul
Global Leader of Development and Diversity
Latham & Watkins


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