Advancing Women in Technology Careers and Companies
Thursday, June 7 | 11:30am-12:30pm

As the struggle for gender balance in the workplace continues, nowhere is there more opportunity – or potential disaster – than in the tech sector. Technology is changing our world at the most rapid pace in history. And the representation of women in technology leadership lags behind national norms at an alarming rate.
This session, on advancing more women into senior technology leadership roles, offers insights from Brandon Hall Group's 2018 Women in Technology Leadership Study. Conducted in partnership with Bonnie St. John of the Blue Circle Leadership Institute, the study reveals the challenges organizations face in advancing women into senior leadership roles, particularly in tech roles as well as jobs involving science, engineering, and mathematics.
Why you should attend:

  • The session will begin with an overview of our research findings.
  • You will hear from our speakers about their journeys, unique perspectives, and impactful solutions.
  • Attendees of this session will be eligible for on-going participation in the Women in Technology Leadership Advisory Network.


Bonnie St. John

Chief Executive Officer and F500 Business Consultant
Blue Circle Leadership


Nisha Sharma

Managing Director


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