Advancing Women in Technology Careers and Companies

12:45-2:45 PM, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

As the struggle for gender balance in the workplace continues, nowhere is there more opportunity – or potential disaster – than in the tech sector. Technology is changing our world at the most rapid pace in history. And the representation of women in technology leadership lags behind national norms at an alarming rate.

Now, you can make a difference by joining our highly influential group of thought leaders!

Brandon Hall Group has partnered with The Blue Circle Leadership Institute and its renowned founder, Bonnie St. John, to launch a Women in Technology Leadership Network to convene business leaders and identify the challenges that impede organizations from attracting, retaining and progressing women in technology. Network members—men and women—and their organizations will be catalysts for effective, consistent, and persistent change through diverse leadership and technology innovation. This kick-off event will provide the spark to ignite the fire of progress in this critical arena.

Why you should attend:

  • This working session, led by Rachel Cooke, Brandon Hall Group COO and founder of The Women in Leadership Summit, and Bonnie St. John, founder and CEO of the Blue Circle Leadership Institute, will highlight best practices, prioritize solutions, and help shape our research plan.  
  • Starting with a panel of women tech leaders, we will highlight the ways we can effect change systemically as well as for individual women. Then, we will roll up our sleeves in small groups to “crowd source” ideas and solutions.
  • Attendees of this session will be eligible for on-going participation in the Women in Technology Leadership Advisory Network, and will receive a special discount to Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Women in Leadership Summit, to be held in June 2018 in South Florida.
  • You’ll have access to Brandon Hall Group analysts at our ask-the-expert station to answer questions and gain further insights.


Rachel Cooke
Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst
Brandon Hall Group

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Bonnie St. John
Business Consultant to F500 companies, former White House official
Blue Circle Leadership

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Lou Tedrick

Vice President, Global Learning & Development

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Maggie Buechner

Accenture SAP Human Capital Management - Technology Delivery Director
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Gia Ness

Vice President, Learning Transformation
SAP Sales Learning

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Sheila Gatlin

Executive Director, Advisory Services
Ernst & Young (EY)

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Susan McLennan
Reimagine PR

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Pam Ricones
Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Advisor
Blue Circle Leadership

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