Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 | 10:45AM-2:45PM | Room: British AB 

Micro-Resilience: Illuminating Insights Into High-Performance Leadership and Engagement

Bonnie St. John wowed last year’s Excellence Conference with her keynote presentation on high-performance resilience. Back by popular demand, Bonnie presents a captivating 3½-hour interactive workshop on the science of micro-resilience, which empowers effective navigation of the intellectual and emotional demands that often impede our abilities to lead and engage. Micro-Resilience comes to life through dozens of entertaining anecdotes from real people who have incorporated the techniques into a variety of environments, from high-pressure global financial markets, to Fortune 500 executive suites, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the precision of service professionals.

Why You Should Attend:
  • You’ll leave the workshop with dynamic new tools to conquer key stressors that impede your ability to lead and perform at a high level. The workshop will:
    • Explain why Micro-Resilience leads to high performance in ways that other techniques cannot.
    • Teach the five frameworks of Micro-Resilience: Refocus your brain; reset your primitive alarms; reframe your attitude; refresh your body; renew your spirit.
    • Help you set priorities and actionable commitments to integrate micro-resilience into your professional and personal life.

Conference attendees will get advance copies of Bonnie’s new book, Micro-Resilience: 5 Immediate Boosts for Focus, Drive, and Energy, being released in February 2017. And she will be available to sign the book and answer questions after the workshop and in the Expo Hall.
(Includes 30-minute break for lunch)

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Bonnie St. John
Business Consultant to F500 companies, former White House official

Rachel Cooke
Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst