Human Capital Management Academy Workshop

 Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 | 8:30-10:30AM | Room: British C 

Driving Employee Retention and Engagement
through a Dynamic EVP


A vital and dynamic EVP – Employee Value Proposition – is as close as organizations can come to a magic potion to engage and retain employees. EVP allows organizations to articulate the value they offer to candidates and employees, differentiates themselves as an employer, and improves their talent acquisition, talent retention, and employee engagement. But most organizations are missing the boat. Why? They struggle to understand the key components of EVP, which means they can’t sell its value to top executives, which means that they don’t have the money to fund it (though the cost is not particularly high). But all that confusion ends right here, with this session. You’ll get the answers you need to forge a path to a better relationship with your employees.

Why You Should Attend:
  • Our exclusive research defines the crucial elements of EVP, and our framework shows you how to define it and communicate it inside and outside your organization.
  • We’ll give you a tool to benchmark your organization against a variety of industries, companies of different sizes, and the highest performing companies.
  • We’ll give you examples of EVP communications from companies that do it best.
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Daria Friedman

Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition

Ashley Hostetter
Director of Talent Management and Diversity (Yum! Brands)

John Kurnick
Chief People Officer (Yum! Brands)