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Becoming a Brandon Hall Group member means our team becomes part of your team. Membership provides a host of resources and services and – most importantly – a seasoned team of thought leaders and client support professionals dedicated to your success.Performance Management 2018

What your free trial includes:

  • • Unlimited users to all five practice areas
  • • Access to DataNow® and TotalTech®
  • • Demo tour
  • • Customer support check-ins
  • • Unlimited ask-the-expert online questions
  • • 30-minutes with analyst to unpack the research
  • • 60-minute advisory session to help solve your top HCM initiatives

What's featured in our member center and full benefits:

  • • Research Reports and Case Studies (Research summaries, briefs, infographics, snapshots and eBooks, executive interviews, award-winning programs, and solution provider profiles)
  • • Frameworks, Tools, Impact Models
  • • OnDemand/Live Webinars
  • • HCMx Radio Podcasts
  • • Blogs/Vlogs
  • • Q&A with Analysts and Peers
  • • Technology Offerings (DataNow® and TotalTech®)
  • • Advisory time (varies based on membership)

To learn more about the details of membership, please visit our membership page. To learn more about other services that we offer, please visit our services page.

A solution provider offers technology or services to organizations in the HR, Learning, Talent, Leadership, and Talent Acquisition space.