Skillsoft and SumTotal drive learning to the core of all business processes and strategies. Flexible, open implementations mean you can have it all: unified, comprehensive solutions for learning, talent and workforce management, and open solutions that embrace other human capital management and enterprise software.

The end result is pervasive learning with high-velocity impact.

NetDimensions is an enterprise learning management system and talent management system provider. Their global learning and performance solutions help organizations achieve productivity & efficiency improvements, cost reduction, risk management, and cultural & process innovation. NetDimensions provides secure, flexible, and practical enterprise LMS and talent management solutions to personalize learning, share knowledge, enhance performance, foster collaboration, and manage compliance for employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.
CrossKnowledge is one of the world’s leading distance learning providers. Their solutions enable fast workforce empowerment and global strategic alignment, guaranteeing a unique learning experience for the individual and a real return on investment for the organization.

Laureate Online Education is a network of universities and university partners offering quality online higher education to the world. The network consists of Walden University, University of Liverpool, and University of Roehampton – London online.
These universities offer a portfolio of undergraduate, graduate and professional certificates. Our institutions understand the importance of combining academic integrity and professional relevance in the resources and services we provide. As a result, the online education experience is centered on the unique needs of both the enterprise and the employee.

Richardson is a global sales training and performance improvement company that partners with leading organizations to increase their sales effectiveness and drive business results.  Applying their proven sales methodologies, approaches, and insights gained from 33 years of experience with leading sales organizations, Richardson supports you in addressing the three fundamentals of a strong sales culture:  Readiness of your Organization and Talent, Development of your Sales force, and the ability to sustain higher levels of growth and profitability.

Cornerstone OnDemand is a leader in cloud-based applications for talent management. The company’s solutions help organizations to recruit, train, manage and engage their employees, empowering their people and increasing workforce productivity. Based in Santa Monica, California, the company’s solutions are used by over 1,700 clients worldwide, spanning more than 14.5 million users across 191 countries and 41 languages.
Tribridge enables organizations to successfully align their talent management strategies with their business objectives. Our experts deliver lifecycle technology solutions, maximizing the user experience and enriching learning content. We deliver seamless application integration and tap into customized, more accessible, actionable data. We bring unbridled innovation and expertise to services, consulting, and our cloud-based enhancement suite, AmplifyHRSM. Tribridge — in a class of one. To learn more, visit

Harrison Assessments focuses on providing the most accurate and effective assessments in the industry by dedicating a large portion of its resources to research, development and user friendly software engineering.  Harrison Assessment’s systems provide decision analytics for selection, development, succession and career planning.  Solutions include comprehensive and customizable recruitment, development and talent readiness technology systems for organizations of all sizes and industries.

TalentWise is a technology company that's transforming the way HR manages job offers, screens, and onboards new hires. TalentWise has built a single, online platform that automates the hiring process end-to-end with compliance built-in, resulting in a highly efficient and positive experience for HR, hiring managers, candidates and new hires.
Meridian Knowledge Solutions provides technology platforms that empower enterprises, governments, and member-based organizations to develop their people by delivering learning, assessing performance, and fostering collaboration.
UL Workplace Health & Safety empowers organizations to protect the well-being of workers, ensure organizational compliance and peace of mind and drive measurable business improvement. They offer innovative software solutions for safety training management, reporting and analysis and online training lessons that are scalable, flexible and easily loaded to your existing Learning Management System.

For collaboration to be impactful, it needs to be contextual, purposeful and compelling. For it to truly gain traction and transform, it needs to be simple and in tune with the ways people interact, share and learn in real life. We get it. We’ve taken a page from the consumer technology handbook to deliver a highly intuitive, personalized experience that’s optimized for mobile. We put collaboration in the flow of business by integrating with everyday tools, which drives adoption.

River is a leading SaaS social learning platform. River provides a smart interface that actively recommends and connects people to the right individuals, groups, content, and courses for purposeful and personal learning collaboration...all through the lens of your organizational competencies. While the Internet and socially connecting online are ubiquitous today, River is still unique.



For over 30 years, Dashe & Thomson has helped organizations improve performance by providing training, change management, and communications services. We believe that to improve performance, organizations need to engage employees from the inside out, appealing to the head and the heart so the hands will follow.
Sealund & Associates Corporation is a global leader in the design, development and deployment of innovative custom eLearning, serious games, 3D Simulations, mobile learning, 3D stereoscopic and virtual learning environments using Sealund’s proven gamification methodology. Since 1985, Sealund has successfully provided innovative custom training solutions including multimillion dollar eLearning, Serious Games and Scenario-based avatar solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations, government, military, and other major organizations by developing and implementing training for their employees and customers globally, in a variety of economic markets.

PDWare is a market leader in providing resource planning and portfolio oversight software to organizations managing project portfolios. PDWare was founded in 2001 to provide high-value, low-overhead resource planning software to support operational decisions and improve resource and portfolio productivity.

PDWare pioneered dynamic capacity management (DCM) which drives the proactive deployment of people to product development and other critical projects. PDWare offers a solution that gives line resource managers, project managers, and executives the ability to meet the challenge of fluctuating capacity and project demand.