Kate Day
Vice President, Global Workforce Enablement, Global Technology & Operations

Kate has over 28 years of international management experience in the business of technology.  Her expertise focuses on two areas: first, changing the way people learn how to do their job in a digital world and, second, building new organizations, implementing change management practices and expanding lines of business in a technical& operations environment. She has been selected as a guest speaker at international conferences in Europe, Canada and the US.
As VP of Workforce Enablement for MetLife's Global Technology & Operations, Kate leverages her background to build and implement programs and tools that increase the productivity of the technical workforce. Kate and her team created MetLife Technical University (MTU) to develop early-in-career talent. Launched in 2014, MTU has since received three industry awards.
In 2016, she began a new initiative of migrating MTU to a digital platform (MTU Connect), which provides a dramatically different kind of experience for how employees learn to their jobs. MTU Connect is also being used to support the launch and adoption of new tools within Global Technology and Operations. To support both MTU program engagement and tools deployment, Kate created a Digital Transformation Index that provides tangible end-user and business impact metrics.
Kate holds a BA in History from Dartmouth College, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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